Photo story of the month: Toy Soldiers (Patriotic)

On this day Uganda marks 52 years of liberation from British rule, on 9th Oct 1962 Dr. Milton Obote received the instruments of Independence. Presently, H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni still stands as the longest serving president of the Pearl of Africa and he has tirelessly employed personnel to campaign and monitor the progress of Patriotism as an element of national glory, this led to the creation of the “National Patriotic Corps Uganda” (UPCU) an initiative/force that teaches the youth the virtues of loving one’s country. The work of this initiative is rooted in the earliest stages of school however this project is most popular in village Primary and High schools.

In celebration of Uganda’s independence day I present to you some of the faces of the “National Patriotic Corps Uganda” that I met at the National Theater of Uganda/ Uganda National Cultural Center .

Copyright: All photos by Papa Shabani, therefore you are not permitted to use them without written permission from the photographer. Thank you.


Junior (Poet) & Annet (creative dancer) are Cousins  and both go to Nyakasura School in Fort-Portal Kabarole district, Western Uganda.



Nabirye is a Form 2 student at Kaliro High School. Eastern Uganda.


Nabirye & her best friend Babirye Ritah. Both go to Kaliro High School.


IMG_0302  IMG_0290IMG_0300


Muwereza, Bumusubire, Kibomba and Issha. All students at Kaliro High School.


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